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How will I meet the driver in airport?
The day you got your transfer, we will contact you and check your information. We will share the details of your transfer. Depending of the airport we will welcome you with a name plate or code.
How can I make a change for my arrival date or cancel my reservation?
You can make a change for your taxi reservation or you can cancel your taxi reservation 24 hours in advance from our info@damataxi.com email address or with our call center 7/24. If you cancel your taxi reservation less than 24 hours, we do not guarantee refund. For tour reservations cancelation is possible 24 hours in advance. If you cancel your tour reservation less than 24 hours, we do not guarantee refund
What am I going to do if my flight delays?
You do not need to do anything. Because we will be tracking your flight with your flight number. We will have information about your delay and we will proceed with that information.
What should I do If I can not find my driver at airport?
Once you land, please switch on your mobile phone, connect your mobile phone to wi-fi which is provided at the airport for free. You may contact our call center and get information.
What am I suppose to do If I miss my flight ?
Make sure to inform us from our info@damataxi.com email address or Whatsapp.
How to decide pick up time from my hotel/location?
We advise you to put the pick up time (average) 4 hours earlier than your departure time for international flights, for domestic flights we advise (average) 3 hours.
What am I suppose to do when I forget my item in the car?
We are not responsible for forgotten or lost items during your trip, however you can contact us immediately in such cases, we will love to help you. We will return your item for free if the driver is not away yet. If the driver is already away, return is possible with charge.
Why is flight number important?
We track your flight and get your vehicle ready according to landing time.